Foreign Trade:
Market analysis:
Our International Relations Analysts carry out the planning and monitoring of import and export activities and indices, control of the documentary flow of operations and exchange and customs regimes.
They promote the analysis of scenarios, trends and market opportunities, determine the most appropriate modes of transport and participate in the contractual closing of international purchase and sale.
Eventually they guide investments abroad and promote the diplomatic relationship between companies and governments in import and export processes.
We formulate diagnostics and solutions in processes involving Foreign Trade, such as Marketing, Logistics, Negotiation, Quality and Auditing.
We provide market analysis, supplier prospecting and opportunities, as well as advise on improving a particular industry or internal management or operation process.
Business Intermediation:
We provide advisory services to buyers and sellers of companies and / or products or commodities, in addition to conducting business valuation.
We assist entrepreneurs who have decided to sell or buy companies or products by helping them in business development. It also includes bureaucratic issues.
For the buyer, we help define what type of company and / or product they want, and offer the best options, and ensure security and confidentiality throughout the process.
We developed a confidential business plan with the buyer, which will define the risk profile, interests and objectives.
In a company sale, we assist in assessing the value of the business, developing a marketing plan for the sale, and qualifying potential buyers.
We help simplify the entire buying and selling process for those involved.